Queensland X-Ray

Queensland X-Ray is the leading provider of radiology services in Queensland and is part of international medical company, Sonic Healthcare.

Brand revitalisation objectives included:
– Positively change perceptions
– Increase awareness
– Invigorate the Internal Culture

What We Did
Tell created a new logo design to bring the brand up to date. The type within the logo was strengthened and the iconic Q shape stylised. The corporate blue colour was retained, with the addition of a brighter blue to freshen the brand. A graphical device added another element to support the brand language. Quality photography helped to communicate the professionalism of the business.

"We are still in the process of implementing the new logo but the feedback to date has been very positive. Many of our staff have commented that it looks modern, fresh and smart and internally it has generated a buzz which has been great for morale. The new logo most certainly reflects our positioning in 2012 and into the future. I look forward to seeing the results from our annual staff and customer surveys to see if there are any notable changes to perceptions, attitudes and loyalty." Marnie Nichols, Marketing Manager, Queensland X-Ray.

– Brand & Identity Design
– Brand Positioning & Development
– Corporate Literature Design
– Website Design
– Publication Design
– Signage Design
– Stationery Design

Brand Revitalisation